Theatre Ensemble

A theatre company for anyone who is devoted to the arts and keen to work with an ensemble ethos.

Our ensemble works using Michael Chekhov and Jacques Lecoq acting techniques and Laban and Six Viewpoints movement techniques. The styles we highlight in order to build contemporary theater styles on the foundations of classical theater are physical theatre, devising, site-specific plays and storytelling.

  • To believe in our cause over art.

  • To be devoted to the theater in all respects.

  • An interest in teamwork in the tradition of the Ensemble.

  • Treating each other with love and respect under all circumstances.

  • Considering a problem-solving perspective whenever necessary.

  • To be open-hearted, open-minded, and open-conscious.

  • Always rejecting an egotistical tendency.

  • To develop the research spirit.

  • To have a positive, transformative, protective, and forgiving purpose.


Our Golden Rules:


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