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The Trial (Duruşma)

Devised by the company,
an adaptation of Franz Kafka's The Trial

Directed by Naz Yeni

What do you do when you are suddenly accused of an unknown crime? K discovers this the hard way in a shocking and mysterious adventure. While seeking justice the process goes to unimaginable places, revealing deep truths underlying society. This new stage adaptation looks to ask ambitious questions to rather that contemplating the answers already given. After all, ‘…that is how the guilty speak…’



Dursun Kuran

1st Police




Dursun first trained with Celal Perk at DAY-MER LMS where he also had his first acting experience on the stage. His next step was to attend City Lit Drama courses. He has also performed in productions by Mahir Gülden. In the last seven years, he has become one of the core team members of Arcola Ala Turka. 

Gülistan Sarbas

Gülistan Sarbas completed her acting studies at Pera Fine Arts. She started her acting career at Atölye Theatre, then worked at Nü Kollektif and Theatre Pera. Gülistan participated in many television and film projects in Turkey; Kanıt, Lale Devri, Harem, Azad, Sihirbazlık Okulunda Bir Türk, Ciran Ciran are among the films she has been in.  She moved to the UK in March 2017, took part in Seven Husbands for Hurmuz and Deli Dumrul with Arcola Ala Turka and continues her acting career performing in Turkish and Kurdish.


Hakan Arıcan



Hakan graduated from Atatürk University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Acting in 2014. In 2012, he started to work at Turkish State Theatres. He took part in the project "Around the World in 80 Days". In 2015, he performed in a children's play called ‘Life Science’. In 2016, he was involved in Theater Laboratory's ‘Captain Voight’. In 2018, he acted in ‘The Night was so Dirty They Both Disappeared’. He moved to London in 2016 and has been continuing his career there.

Rıza Keskin

Court Attendant


Riza was on the stage for the third time with a play by Güngör Dilmen following “Our Love is the Largest Fire in Aksaray” and “The Live Monkey Restaurant”. In addition to Ala Turka, he has beeen actively participating in plays with Istanbul Folk Dance Actors, ITOF Actors, Theater Sahmeran, 476 Players, DAY-MER and London Center Stage. 


Seda Çelik

İ2nd Police


Between 2007 and 2011, she was part of GKST’S amateur theatre group and she was an actor in many poetry performances and musical comedies such as Zilli Zarife (Shrewish Zarife), Feast of Madness (Deli Bayramı), Television Republic (Televizyon Cumhuriyeti) which are by Haldun Taner and Turgut Özakman. She has also performed with Arcola Ala Turka at Creative Disruption Festivals in Seven Husbands for Hurmuz and A Midsummer Night's Dream as well as in Migrant Shakespeare with Seyyar Company.


voice overs:

Celal Perk

Judge's Voice
We thank Celal Perk for all his contributions. You will see his short biography under creative team section

Gözde Işık

Narrator's Voice
Gözde first started acting at university, at a children’s theatre company. Throughout her English language teaching career, she ran English/Turkish drama and short film clubs, contributing to her schools with various significant awards both regionally and nationally. She completed her acting degree at Kadıköy Fine Arts in 2015 and moved to London with her family in the same year. Since then, still working as a teacher, Gözde has participated in Arcola Ala Turka’s production A Midsummer Night's Dream and in Migrant Shakespeare with Seyyar Company.





directed by

Naz Yeni has been involved in all aspects of theatre/performance making as an actor and director since 1990s. She trained classically in Ankara State Conservatoire in Turkey and Birmingham School of Speech and Drama in the UK. Her acting credits include City of Birmingham Touring Opera and Lady Macbeth for Creation Theatre Company in Oxford. Her directing credits include Turkish State Theatres and Arcola’s Creative Disruption festival. As a theatre-maker, she has re-trained herself as a physical performer and she is especially interested in the ensemble tradition, devising, site-specific theatre and story-telling.  Alongside directing, she also teaches drama and movement. She is an academic researcher with a doctorate in theatre studies as well.



David studied theatre design at Central School of Speech and Drama. He has lit shows for professional, fringe and community groups mainly in Cambridge but also London and Manchester, as well as touring shows to the Edinburgh festival and eastern Europe. This is his first show at the Arcola and his first involvement with Seyyar Company



Jan Çıtak started music in primary school. After playing the guitar for three years, he studied at Istanbul Technical University State Conservatoire and London College of Music. He performed in many projects as a bassist and guitarist. He has toured at many venues, live music clubs, major concert halls, and festival stages. As a multi-instrumentalist he performs with his bass guitar, double bass, electric, and acoustic guitar, bağlama and piano, both in live and studio sessions. Working on many different musical styles and genres enriched his musical knowledge and range. Jan is currently working as a musician, composer and producer/arranger for radio jingles, teasers, short movies. 



Hale graduated from İzmir University of Economics, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design. In the early stages of her career, she worked as an assistant art director in some TV series and films in Istanbul.  She also worked in short films voluntarily as an art director.  She took stage and event photos during these nine years in her career.  Until recently, she was working in İzmir as an interior designer and project manager.  She has been living and working in London for four months.



Bahar, is a graduate of the Department of Business Administration. On top of this education; she completed her design training in 2012 and prepared collections for companies as a designer. Afterwards, she started to make costume designs and styling for cinema, advertisements and television projects. Bahar, who worked as a costume designer and stylist in Turkey until 2019, moved to England in 2019 and continues her studies there.


hair and make-up

She has been working as a professional make-up artist for television, cinema and advertising projects for sixteen years. She has become one of the leading names in Turkey, especially in plastic make-up. She continues to do her work both in Turkey and in England.


dramaturgy support

Actor, screenwriter, drama instructor and director, living in London since 2001. He started acting at the age of eight. He continued professionally with his graduation from Istanbul University State Conservatoire. He was given awards by “Ankara Art Institution” and “Cinema Critics Association” in Turkey. Many of the films and theatre shows he has been have also won awards in international festivals. His trilogy was published under the title “Immigrant Games” in 2012. He continues to direct and stage plays with the students he has trained.


production team:



Tuana started her life in theatre under the supervision of many artists such as Aysen Gruda and Volkan Severcan at the Haldun Dormen Stage in Istanbul/Turkey. She continued her education at Kadıköy Public Education and Müjdat Gezen Art Center and played in various roles. Afterwards, she performed for a year in the collective musical called "Salute to the Musicals" directed by Haldun Dormen.  After that, she was offered a place at the Acting Department of Haliç Conservatory. Following one year of training there, she entered Bülent Ecevit State Conservatoire and graduated from there. 

images and poster

He graduated from Marmara GSF Graphic Design in 2000 and continues to work as a freelance designer in Istanbul after managing his own office for 15 years. He has won awards in logo design and has put his signature to nearly one thousand projects. He is continuing his studies for Proficiency in Art after having completed his master's thesis on logo design.


photography and video


Kerem, started his career at Istanbul TRT (Turkish National Radio & Television) in 2001. After six years, he moved to İzmir and started to work as a freelance photographer and video editor. With his twenty-year experience, Kerem is now running his own Media Production Company in the UK.

sound editing

Andy graduated from Cambridge University in 1992 and holds a doctorate in Physics.  He has worked on award-winning productions in both a technical and creative capacity, for both Turkish and English works.  Andy lives in Cambridge, England and has a strong interest in creative software.


production assistant

Bora started at Muhsin Ertuğrul Children’s Theatre Courses and went on stage during early school years. He has been involved with Arcola Alaturka since 2014.

stage manager


Evrim studied drama at London Morley’s college (2002). He has performed for Halk Egitim Merkezi - Denizli 

Ali Ayşe’yi Seviyor (2000), Uzaklar (2001) and ITV 2 - Gagging for it (2003). He acted in two consecutive Creative Disruption festivals at Arcola Theatre with Ala Turka Company.

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